Eno River Sunset 24x20 Eno River Sunrise 20x24 Fishing the Eno 16x20Heritage 20x24 Beside Still Waters 24x20 Marina Delight 16x20 In For Repairs 16x20Lake Day 16x20Morning Chores 20x24 Relics 24x20 Best Friends 16x20 Symbiotic Relationship 20x16 Seasoned 20x16 The Conversation 24x20 Standing Tall 24x20 Sunrise Service 16x20 Tranquility 16x20 Homestead Morning 24x20Piece of History 20x24 The-Homestead 24x20Waiting 12x24Winter-Pavilion-4 24x204-Below- 20x16Autumn-Finale-24x18City-of-Utica-20x16Fews-Ford-20x16First-Snow-12x24Rustic-Pattern-24x18Springtide18x24Stanley-Theater Autumn-24x20Timepiece-20x16-Guardian of Market Street 20x16Whimsical Bridge 20x16Tracks Last Light 12x24Meandering Creek 24x12Waterwheel 20x16Winters Design 20x24Paradise Midday 24x20Morning in Paradise 12x24Naples Pier Nocturne 24x18Long Shadows Sanibel Island 9x12Yacht Club Sparkle Marco Island 9x12Naples Pier Sparkle 9x12Crayton Cove Morning Naples 9x12Crayton Cove Sunset Naples 9x12Crayton Cove Afternoon Naples 9x12Marco Island Sunset Naples 9x12Sanibel Island Sunset 9x12Marco Island Sparkle 6x12Olana Sunset 6x8Tracks at Sunset  14x11Chapel Alley Spire 16x12Seen Better Days 9x12Humid Afternoon, 9x12General Lee Nocturne 12x9Morning Blackwater Refuge 12x9Grey Goose Sunset 12x9Falls At Maymont 12x9