Winter Plein Air, Pavilion #4

Plein Air, 24"x20" Oil on Canvas,

Winter Pavilion #4,  24″x20″ Oil on Canvas, Plein Air

I have to say, I am very pleased to be working a bit larger outdoors. Winter Pavilion #4, 24″x20″ took two sessions. Pavilion #4 is something I see on a regular basis. Erin and I walk Sargent at a local park not far from our home and this pavilion happens to be prominently located in one of the Sarge’s favorite spots. Needless, to say we walk this area frequently! For me, this is a special place as a source of fond family memories. This winter Sargent (our chocolate lab) frolicked off-leash and unabated meeting new friends both canine and human. He just turned one last month and the pure unadulterated joy he displays while discovering the “play” possibilities of snow at pavilion #4 is contagious.


Irresistable Cuteness

Irresistable Cuteness


Warm Regards,


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Yacht Club Sparkle Headed to Naples

24x48 oil on canvas

Yacht Club Sparkle 24″x48″ oil on canvas

Yacht Club Sparkle is a 24″x48″ studio painting based on it’s 9″x12″ namesake. The original plein air piece was painted under the bridge on Marco Island looking across the inlet at the Marco Island Yacht Club hence the name.  The intense reflections on the water as the sun rose directly over the club created an irresistible subject. Fortunately, as I began the painting that sailboat and the yacht cruised on by at just the right time for me to add two important elements to the piece.

The studio painting differs from the plein air painting in format and composition. When working out the studio composition it immediately struck me as a possibility for a long format. The challenge was forcing all that distance across the water into a much smaller space while maintaining a focus on the water itself. These were subtle decisions that would be either wrong or right from the beginning stages. This “large” studio painting was a joy to paint over several weeks while enjoying the winter here in upstate NY with temps at or below 0. It may come as no surprise that I enjoyed painting the original plein air piece in Marco even more!

This painting is available through Gardner Colby Galleries in Naples, Florida.


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Coda! A Reprise to DS al Fine

Extreme Plein Air

Winter Plein Air Upstate NY


Here’s a coda to my previous blog post DS al Fine. Sorry couldn’t help but use another musical reference…

My new friend Sandra Reilly was kind, and brave, enough to stop mid-blizzard and say hello the day I began Kirkland in Winter. She was also very kind to post this photo of me, my gear, and the beginning of my frozen composition on FB.

I’ll conclude with a final musical quote from Bach , “Soli Deo Gloria”!



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DS al Fine

24"x18" oil on canvas

24″x18″ oil on canvas


Given the rough “snowy” start this 24″x18″ had I was compelled to return to it several times to bring about a finish hence the title. DS al Fine is a musical term meaning to return to the “sign” then on to the end. That is indeed what I had to do on this painting.

This subject had great potential and I felt it was worth pursuing to an end despite the difficulties. It seems it was worth the effort if only for the experience. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy “Kirkland in Winter” as much as I enjoyed painting it.



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Corner Store

20"x16" oil on canvas

20″x16″ oil on canvas


Corner Store was painted in a plein air style and is 20″x16″ in oil on canvas. The warmth of the brick struck such a strong contrast to the cool light! I am truly enjoying exploring townscape painting. It provides opportunities for linear perspective and the presence of human activity.

The road stripes from the crosswalk give a  lead-in to the mid-ground focal point and subject of the painting. The coolish light and receding street on the left give a much needed sense of space leading into the background. The crossing light and green street sign provide a nice “stopper” while secondary details like the tree, snow, and vehicle add to the feel of the street scene from here in upstate NY.

Hope you enjoy,



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Frozen Paint Plein Air!


Me, my gear, and painting frozen!

Recently I ambitiously began a new 24″x18″ plein air project in nearby Clinton NY. The only complication was that the weather had other plans! Not long after I started it began to snow. Please understand that when I say snow I mean lake-effect snow, giant flakes and lots of it and on this occasion with plenty of wind. I set up my umbrella to block the falling snow but alas the wind couldn’t decide which angle to attack from and as you can see the protection was negligible. The above pic was taken after I had tried to clear the snow from my palette.

So I soldiered on an before long my paints became crytalized for lack of a better term. The only way to apply it was with ample amounts of medium, aka thinner. You’ll notice my palette and painting quickly became wet and frozen. Altogether, it was a great learning experience and I plan to try that again when the wind is a little calmer perhaps or maybe I’ll just wait until spring… nah.


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Sunny Skies Auctioned


Sunny Skies 24×24″ Oil on Canvas


I am pleased to announce that Sunny Skies 24″x24″ oil on canvas is finished and available via auction at my online gallery. <- click link :)

As mentioned previously, the studio work is based on a plein air painting I did in SW Florida. It is always a pleasure to head south for a visit to see family and paint my former home. I hope you enjoy the work and I invite you to check out the auction for a great opportunity to grab an original 24″x24″ in oil on canvas that will bring some of the Florida sunshine into your life!

warm regards,



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Missing Florida

Sunny-Skiessm1000It’s freezing in upstate New York!

As I finish up work on “Sunny Skies” I can’t help notice the somewhat painful feeling in my fingers. Currently, I am working on two Florida studio paintings and it is a bittersweet experience. The sunshine captured in my on site work is a fond memory as the temps dip below freezing at night and the days aren’t that much better.

So I take refuge and solace in the painting world of sunny skies and palm trees here in frozen NY.

“warm” regards,



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Plein Air Vermont

I had an excellent week painting at Plein Air Vermont. The south western area of Vermont is full of good painting material, especially when someone gives you a few pointers. From farms to covered bridges and any bucolic scene in between Vermont seems to have it covered. I also enjoyed reconnecting with artist friends and meeting a few new ones. It’s a small world in art and its nice to get to know others who share the same passion for painting.

George Van Hook is one of those. He’s an experienced artist with enough energy and drive for 3 artists. George is an excellent example to follow and I look forward to heading to eastern NY to paint with him again. I also got to visit with Ann Larsen whom I’ve known almost as long as I’ve been in NY. Ann is the president of American Women Artists and a fine painter. Both George and Ann were highlights of the event for me… not to mention the painting.

The best and brightest highlight was on Saturday night. Erin grabbed Sargent and made a surprise trip to see me! We stayed at a lovely dog-friendly motel and had a grand time. It was the Sarge’s first big trip and he did great, he didn’t get car-sick once. He especially enjoyed the creek under one of the covered bridges. Erin tells me he “lost his mind” there for about 20 minutes. Good times!

Included are pics from my time at Plein Air Vermont. Please enjoy!

Barn & cows at PAVT

Barn & cows at PAVT



Quick Draw entry.

Quick Draw entry.


My entries for Plein Air Vermont.

My entries for Plein Air Vermont.



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Summer Plein Air Painting

Hello everyone!

I’m back from “most” of my summer painting event travels. Easton was amazingly HOT this year with a fellow artist getting close to a heat stroke before my eyes. He was laying on the sidewalk at one point and then tried to continue painting, a real soldier. At one point I recorded and posted to Facebook 107 degrees in my car. I’m including another painting from Easton “Good Morning Easton”. This plein air painting is for sale with owners John and Maryetta Dynan in Easton at Cottage Studio & Gallery. John is originally from Utica near where I’m living… it’s a small world.

Good Morning Easton

Door County WI was an amazing place to paint. They had everything from rolling farmland to Maine-like coastal regions. Included is a painting of what I was told is a dump wagon used during the railroad era. I don’t know if that is true but it makes for a good story. Originally, that was the title I was going to use for this painting but after further thought changed it to “Seen Better Days”. I think that has a little more appeal. Good friends Al and Sue Bagdade, a couple Erin and I met on our honeymoon, from Chicago made the 4 hour drive to visit me and it was great to see them again. They are the proud new owners of Florida painting “Naples Pier Sparkle“! It was also nice to reconnect with some old painter friends and make a few new ones this year in Easton and Door County.


Finally, I have started an “official” Chad Smith Paintings page on Facebook. Please check it out and “Like” the page if you want to stay up to date with the variety of images and posts I will be making on Facebook. In addition, I’ve started using Instagram in conjunction with FB. This allows me to make quick videos of daily plein air painting trips or studio works. I invite you to “follow” me there also. I will be pursuing these social outlets with renewed vigor regularly and look forward to seeing you there!


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