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Blessing in Bath County

The Homestead 24x20" Plein Air

The Homestead 24×20″ Plein Air


“The Homestead” was painted during the Bath County Plein Air Event. This amazing resort seems the heart of the Bath County area. My gracious host introduced me to this area and in the end purchased “The Homestead”. It was a great blessing for them to invest in the painting but even more so to spend time with a wonderful christian couple.



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Incredible Wilmington!

So, the plein air demonstration happened in Wilmington, NC on St. Patrick’s day (notice my green undershirt). Liz Hosier from the Wilmington Art Association was my helpful guide/host for the day supplying a delicious roast beef sub from one of the great downtown delis, yummy. I didn’t know what to expect as far as the turnout but the town of Wilmington blew me away. Liz counted at least 40 people! (see pic below)


Waxing eloquent…

As you can see,  we were blocking up the entire pier. They were such a wonderful group of people with lots of intelligent questions and all very attentive. Most even laughed at my silly stories. There was one special moment when I invited a passing little girl to participate in the painting. We all had a great time. If you live near Wilmington I highly recommend joining the WAA.

chad smith plein air demo wilmington

40+ blocking the pier!


chad smith plein air demo wilmington

A team effort.





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Group Exhibition at the Laffer Gallery, NY!


I will be attending the Laffer Gallery’s Third Annual Upstate Invitational  this Saturday 10/24/15 starting at 6pm. Erik has 17 new plein air  paintings from me ranging from 9×12″ to 24×20″ cityscapes, to landscapes. Joining me for the group show will be wonderful artists Mary Ellen Riell and JoAnn Axford.

Most of the paintings at the exhibition can be seen online here: Laffer Gallery .  Please join us for a fantastic opening!

Warm Regards,



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Opening at 3040

Rustic Pattern 24x18 oil, plein air

Rustic Pattern 24×18 oil, plein air

This Saturday 7/25/15 I will attend an opening for new work at Gallery 3040 in Old Forge NY.  All are welcome, it should be a fun night! The hours are from 5-7 pm. There are several new plein air works in larger formats from 16×20″ up to 20×24″. Additionally, there will be a rare opportunity to peruse various smaller studies from over the years. These will be available for purchase unframed.  As I mentioned, this will be a fun night hope to see you there!



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American Impressionist Society 2014

I am pleased to announce “Winter Pavilion #4” is on the way to the American Impressionist Society’s national juried exhibition 2014. Abend Gallery in Denver CO is the host this year. It is an honor to participate again this year with what I consider to be my favorite piece in some time.

What makes it so special to me? “Winter Pavilion #4″ is a plein air painting done over two session last winter at 24″x20” in size. I would say all of the above plus the impact of the painting in person always “gives back” the light effect of being there. That is one of my main goals with any painting and this one really shines if I say so myself.

If you can get to Abend Gallery to see it along with all the other, I am sure, spectacular work you won’t be disappointed.

Winter Pavilion #4

Winter Pavilion #4

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Street Painting Radio Interview

The funniest thing happened the other morning. While out doing some morning “street-painting” an old acquiantance stopped to say hello. Keith James is the morning personality on Oldies96 here in Utica NY. Keith and I had meet a couple times and even gone to a concert together with my brother-in-law. That was at least 3 years ago.

So when Keith stopped to see what “this guy” was doing, he had no idea we actually knew each other. After some friendly banter it was decided we should arrange a radio interview to talk about what I was up to here painting the streets of greater Utica. You see, Keith likes to feature local stories of interest. I get the idea his interviews are quite eclectic but that’s a good thing in my opinion. this is an eclectic area so why not?

Keith James and Chad Smith radio interview

Personality Extraordinaire Keith James and Chad Smith at Oldies 96 studios.

We had a blast at the Oldies 96 studios and it was great to catch up with Keith. The interview is 8 minutes of great entertainment with a slideshow of pictures and images to boot! I hope you’ll give it a listen and check out Keith’s work here in upstate NY.

Click the links below:

Radio Interview

Keith James



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Best of Show from Lori Putnam!

I was privileged to participate in the 3rd annual Finger Lakes Plein Air Festival last week and was honored to receive the Best of Show award from judge Lori Putnam! I always enjoy these events awards or not, but needless to say I am honored to have my work recognized in this way. The quality of work was high and it was a highlight for me to reconnect with several talented and hard working artists friends from the plein air “circuit”.


Lori Putnam and Chad Smith at Finger Lakes Plein Air Festival Gala Event.

Lori Putnam presents Best of Show to Your’s Truly.

Saturday night was the gala event with judging and awards from Lori Putnam. Attendance was great with catering, live music, and a setting that was so enjoyable. Best of all, Erin and Sargent were able to attend! I want to thank Lori for the award and her thoughtful approach to the impossible task of judging high quality work. Congratulations go to  Kathie Odom and Richard Thomas who also received awards for their impressive work in addition to all the honorable mention awards. Please visit the Finger Lakes Plein Air Festival website for info on all the artists and award winners. Finally, I would like to congratulate my good artist friends John Caggiano and Kirk Larsen for the Quick Draw and Artist Choice awards respectively.


tracks-at-sunset-14x11 chad-smith best of show

Tracks At Sunset 14″x11″ Best of Show, Finger Lakes Plein Air Festival 2014

The event was a joy and my hosts were fantastic. Canandaigua is a beautiful area which abounds in subject matter not the least of which is Sonnengberg Gardens. I participated in the inaugural event two years ago and “fell in love” with the gardens. I look forward to next year and highly recommend a visit whether you are a painter or not.


If you enjoy my work or find me mildy entertaining  please comment below.

Above all, I am deeply grateful for your interest and want to ask you personally to help me spread the word… Please Share 🙂

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Yacht Club Sparkle Headed to Naples

24x48 oil on canvas

Yacht Club Sparkle 24″x48″ oil on canvas

Yacht Club Sparkle is a 24″x48″ studio painting based on it’s 9″x12″ namesake. The original plein air piece was painted under the bridge on Marco Island looking across the inlet at the Marco Island Yacht Club hence the name.  The intense reflections on the water as the sun rose directly over the club created an irresistible subject. Fortunately, as I began the painting that sailboat and the yacht cruised on by at just the right time for me to add two important elements to the piece.

The studio painting differs from the plein air painting in format and composition. When working out the studio composition it immediately struck me as a possibility for a long format. The challenge was forcing all that distance across the water into a much smaller space while maintaining a focus on the water itself. These were subtle decisions that would be either wrong or right from the beginning stages. This “large” studio painting was a joy to paint over several weeks while enjoying the winter here in upstate NY with temps at or below 0. It may come as no surprise that I enjoyed painting the original plein air piece in Marco even more!

This painting is available through Gardner Colby Galleries in Naples, Florida.


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Coda! A Reprise to DS al Fine

Extreme Plein Air

Winter Plein Air Upstate NY


Here’s a coda to my previous blog post DS al Fine. Sorry couldn’t help but use another musical reference…

My new friend Sandra Reilly was kind, and brave, enough to stop mid-blizzard and say hello the day I began Kirkland in Winter. She was also very kind to post this photo of me, my gear, and the beginning of my frozen composition on FB.

I’ll conclude with a final musical quote from Bach , “Soli Deo Gloria”!


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Corner Store

20"x16" oil on canvas

20″x16″ oil on canvas


Corner Store was painted in a plein air style and is 20″x16″ in oil on canvas. The warmth of the brick struck such a strong contrast to the cool light! I am truly enjoying exploring townscape painting. It provides opportunities for linear perspective and the presence of human activity.

The road stripes from the crosswalk give a  lead-in to the mid-ground focal point and subject of the painting. The coolish light and receding street on the left give a much needed sense of space leading into the background. The crossing light and green street sign provide a nice “stopper” while secondary details like the tree, snow, and vehicle add to the feel of the street scene from here in upstate NY.

Hope you enjoy,



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