Evening Painting Adventures

“Bench Nocturne” 12″x9″

Last year’s “Naples Pier Nocturne” 12″x9″

As promised, here is an image from my January trip to SW Florida. For this painting I went back to the Naples Pier after dark. I had spotted this arrangement earlier in the day and was pretty sure it had potential for a Nocturne with the overhead street lamp. I was not disappointed.

My buddy John the security officer was there on duty just like last year’s Nocturne on the pier(see image). He was dealing with a vagrant when I arrived and had called the police who after interrogation took the “perp” to the local hospital I believe. He was mumbling to himself, incoherent, and not making sense. Painting in public is always an adventure! Nevertheless,we had nice conversation while I painted and it was good to catch up. In addition, I met several groups and couples out for a romantic evening stroll at the beach. A painter set up with all his gear always attracts attention. A great time was had by all.


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