Frozen Paint Plein Air!


Me, my gear, and painting frozen!

Recently I ambitiously began a new 24″x18″ plein air project in nearby Clinton NY. The only complication was that the weather had other plans! Not long after I started it began to snow. Please understand that when I say snow I mean lake-effect snow, giant flakes and lots of it and on this occasion with plenty of wind. I set up my umbrella to block the falling snow but alas the wind couldn’t decide which angle to attack from and as you can see the protection was negligible. The above pic was taken after I had tried to clear the snow from my palette.

So I soldiered on an before long my paints became crytalized for lack of a better term. The only way to apply it was with ample amounts of medium, aka thinner. You’ll notice my palette and painting quickly became wet and frozen. Altogether, it was a great learning experience and I plan to try that again when the wind is a little calmer perhaps or maybe I’ll just wait until spring… nah.


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