Summer Plein Air Painting

Hello everyone!

I’m back from “most” of my summer painting event travels. Easton was amazingly HOT this year with a fellow artist getting close to a heat stroke before my eyes. He was laying on the sidewalk at one point and then tried to continue painting, a real soldier. At one point I recorded and posted to Facebook 107 degrees in my car. I’m including another painting from Easton “Good Morning Easton”. This plein air painting is for sale with owners John and Maryetta Dynan in Easton at Cottage Studio & Gallery. John is originally from Utica near where I’m living… it’s a small world.

Good Morning Easton

Door County WI was an amazing place to paint. They had everything from rolling farmland to Maine-like coastal regions. Included is a painting of what I was told is a dump wagon used during the railroad era. I don’t know if that is true but it makes for a good story. Originally, that was the title I was going to use for this painting but after further thought changed it to “Seen Better Days”. I think that has a little more appeal. Good friends Al and Sue Bagdade, a couple Erin and I met on our honeymoon, from Chicago made the 4 hour drive to visit me and it was great to see them again. They are the proud new owners of Florida painting “Naples Pier Sparkle“! It was also nice to reconnect with some old painter friends and make a few new ones this year in Easton and Door County.


Finally, I have started an “official” Chad Smith Paintings page on Facebook. Please check it out and “Like” the page if you want to stay up to date with the variety of images and posts I will be making on Facebook. In addition, I’ve started using Instagram in conjunction with FB. This allows me to make quick videos of daily plein air painting trips or studio works. I invite you to “follow” me there also. I will be pursuing these social outlets with renewed vigor regularly and look forward to seeing you there!


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