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Gregory oil portrait commission new york

I am always on the lookout for the view/perspective that best represents what I see as the main “idea” in a painting. In the case of portraiture  you are the main idea. I will work closely with you from beginning to end making sure that at each important phase of the work we are on the same page. It is vital that each portrait have the likeness and life-like quality I strive for in each painting. There is no-risk because at each vital juncture we work together to make sure you get exactly what you need whether a casual  family portrait or formal corporate portrait for the board room. When you contact me to commission a portrait my goal is to create a work of art that will meet both the highest standards of portraiture but also meet the highest standards of the client.

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I like to keep my pricing simple. These prices are for a life-size single figure in oil against a  tonal background unframed. Intricate clothing, jewelry, props or background take additional time and incur additional cost. Additional figures or pets are 75%. Travel expenses incurred beyond 50 miles.


Head & Shoulders- $1800

Half Length- $2200

Full Length- $3400


Head & Shoulders- $1500

Half Length- $1900

Full Length- $3100


Same price for child or adult- $1200

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“This picture is great!
You caught the sparkle in her eyes… Love it!”