Sunny Skies

Oil On Linen 9″x12″

“Sunny Skies”  was done on a brilliant afternoon at the Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Area.
This picture continues with the Florida theme of blog postings from my painting trip in January of this year. This park is a gem just off I75 in North Fort Myers/ Punta Gorda.

I visited this park several times when I lived in this area and it hasn’t changed a bit. One must be aware of the gators as they are known to be “enormous” in the many lakes, ponds, and waterways there. Thankfully, I had no issues and was able to capture this delightful moment without interruption. The cool breeze, water sparkle, silhouetted palm, and covered shelter all added up to a winning composition.

Looking at this painting I can still feel the heat of the afternoon in SW Florida and I hope you enjoy it as well.


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