The Incident!

No painting with this update and let me tell you why. My usual process in the field is to scout out interesting compositions as I’m traveling. Well, I found this little spot with a nice road to lead through to fields on either side with mountains in the background; nice. If I can find somebody, I always ask permission to paint on someones property etc. but there was no one in sight so I just parked along the side of the road near an empty gravel lot and began to work. Just as I was getting into the drawing I hear sirens and see 4 county sheriff cars heading my way… hmmm. As the lead car pulled up beside me he asked ” did you call the sheriff?”, “no, and I haven’t seen anything suspicious either” was my response.
All the while I noticed a lady standing in her front yard down the road. Yep, she had called FOUR sheriff’s away from whatever they were doing roaring down the road lights & sirens because an artist painting in his car was apparently… a suspicious menace and a threat 🙂
Needless to say the sheriff was a little agitated and amused… and so was I.


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